How To Get Rid of Wrinkles: 3 Home Remedies



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Fact or Fiction? As we get older, our skin tends to get wrinkles and there’s NOTHING we can do about it.

Well, many people believe that getting wrinkles is an irreversible part of getting older.  They’re convinced that the damage has already been done, and the ONLY way to get rid of those lines that age us long before we are ready is to undergo costly and risky cosmetic surgery.

The great news is that’s no longer true!

You see there are several ways you can reduce the wrinkles you already have and, with patience and perseverance, actually get rid of them.

But first let’s take a quick look at what causes wrinkles…

So Why Do We Get Wrinkles?

The key word we need to know here is ceramides. These are fatty molecules which are a natural component of human skin that keep your skin hydrated, firm, and youthful-looking.

Unfortunately, you begin to lose ceramides as you age, and therefore your skin loses its elasticity and begins to look wrinkled, saggy, and old.

For many women and men, the first visible signs of this loss of ceramides begins in their early thirties, with the appearance of faint lines around the eyes and mouth.

Throughout your forties and beyond, you lose increasingly greater amounts of ceramides, and this is why you have more and more wrinkles, laughter lines, and saggy skin as you age – as we know from personal experience!

So, that’s the theory bit out of the way.  Now let’s get on to what we can do about it. Let’s take a look at 3 simple tricks you can do at home to reduce your wrinkles, starting today…

Wrinkle Tip #3: Stop the Sweet Nothings

sugar written in sugarSugar gets a LOT of bad press from health experts, doctors, and dieticians these days. And it TOTALLY deserves it!

It’s even being called a POISON by health experts, because of the devastating damage it does to our bodies. That includes causing cancer, liver failure, dementia, diabetes, and a whole lot more.

But did you know that sugar is also one of the main contributors to premature aging, with the initial appearance of wrinkles on your face? And, once you get them, sugar makes your wrinkles even deeper and more noticeable – so it’s almost impossible to get rid of them without cutting out the sweet stuff.

The reason is. that sugar is a completely artificial food, with no nutritional value at all.   And according to nutritionists and skin experts, including sugar in your diet increases a process in your body called glycation, which accelerates the breakdown of your ceramides and leads to aging in the skin.

Therefore, you really need to cut out all refined sugar from your diet. It’s not just the sugar you take in your coffee either: it’s also in sodas, chocolate, processed foods, fast foods, and a lot of restaurant meals as well.

If you want a healthy substitute, try honey or even black molasses, which also has the slightly odd benefit of reducing gray hair! Double whammy.

Now, obsessively checking everything that goes on your plate or into your drinks, takes a lot of hard work. Also, any dietary change like this takes some time before you see any real results. So for a faster fix on getting rid of your wrinkles, try out…

Wrinkle Tip #2: Ceramide Creams

ceramide creamWe saw how the underlying reason we get wrinkles is the loss of ceramides in our skin, which makes it lose its firmness and elasticity.

It seems obvious, then, that if you could replace these ceramides, your skin would regain its youthful appearance.

One way you can do this is through the application of creams, moisturizers and gels directly onto the areas where you have those dreaded wrinkles.

In fact, just a quick search on the internet will show there are many ceramide-based topical lotions on the market, which help give your skin a more youthful-looking, wrinkle-free appearance.

The problem is that these creams can be expensive – some cost over $100!

They also require continual daily application in order to gain maximum benefits, which takes time and money. And, if you stop using the cream, the wrinkles will easily come back.

Therefore you’re making a huge commitment to a daily regime which can end up costing you literally thousands of dollars over the years.

Luckily for us, there is an even better option…

Wrinkle Tip #1: Phytoceramides

phytoceramides supplementWhile the previous two tips will definitely help reduce your wrinkles, there is a more effective – and more economical – way to get rid of your wrinkles.

That is, by taking organic Phytoceramides capsules.

These 100% natural supplements have been used in Japan for centuries, and are known there as a powerful anti-ager.

Now they are being called a “facelift in a bottle”.

Taking just one Phytoceramides capsule every day:

  • Puts the ceramides back into your skin cells naturally, through the bloodstream
  • Restores and improves your outer skin condition to its former youthful condition
  • Naturally moisturizes the skin from the inside-out
  • Stimulates the production of Collagen I and III proteins which help hydrate and tighten your skin.
  • Fills out the wrinkles, laughter lines, and sun-damaged areas

BUT BE CAREFUL! You see, some phytoceramides are a waste of money and in spite of all their claims, you should stay well clear of them.

The following three are ones you DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT BUY:

  • Best Phytoceramides Plus (these actually contain a cosmetic ingredient called ceramosides)
  • Absonutrix Phytoceramides XTreme (these contain sweet potato extract which is not as effective at wrinkle reduction)
  • Epicura ReGen Phytoceramides (this product claims to be vegan but contains animal gelatin, and has some terrible reviews)

There are others missing from that list, but those are the main 3 that simply do not work.

So What Does Work Then?

If you’re looking for 100% natural Phytoceramides that really work, the ones to go for are Schwartz Bioresearch Phytoceramides.

They are easily the best phytoceramides on the market.

The customer reviews on this product are fantastic, so you can rest assured that they do work.

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