Phytoceramides vs Cosmetic Surgery

The Best Phytoceramides Reviews Looks At Cosmetic Surgery

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In 2012, plastic surgeons in the USA carried out over 14 million cosmetic surgery procedures.  These ranged from collagen and Botox injections to breast implants and nose jobs. These figures, released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, show a 5% increase on the previous year, with a record $10.1 billion spent on these procedures.

By far the single most popular treatment, making up almost half of the total number of procedures, was Botox injections. These smooth out wrinkles and facial lines, and plump out the lips.

Botox injections are one of the cheapest cosmetic surgery options, with an average cost of $375 a time.  The single most expensive procedure is the traditional facelift, which can cost around $20,000.

Interestingly, as the number of cosmetic surgery procedures increased to new levels, it was in that same year that Dr Oz looked at alternatives on his TV show in the US.  That’s when he aired his piece on Drop A Decade From Your Face looking at safe, easy and cheap alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

Like many people looking for anti-aging solutions, we at The Best Phytoceramides Reviews considered going under the knife – that is, before we discovered phytoceramides! 

And so we decided to look at the main facts about cosmetic surgery.  We drew together research and thoughts from industry experts and insiders, scientific studies, and plastic surgeons themselves.

Should You Have Plastic Surgery?

There’s no doubt about it, that having even the simplest of cosmetic procedures is a major step to take.  That’s why anyone considering such a step has counseling and advice. And with any such medical procedure, there are advantages and disadvantages to be weighed up in order to make an informed and intelligent choice.

Plastic Surgery

The Advantages


Cosmetic surgery can change a person’s self-confidence and give them a fresh start to life.

Someone who has always been insecure because of their looks can have their life changed by plastic surgery. The confidence they gain following the procedure can then lead to a better quality of life, in both personal and professional areas.

Similarly, if someone has been emotionally scarred because of a feature which caused them to be bullied as a child, they might have spent their life shying away from personal contact with others. Changing that feature can impact that person’s life for the better in immeasurable ways.

Social and Professional Standing

Research has shown time and again that there is a relationship between a person’s attractiveness and how successful they are in life.

Studies show there is a direct link between how attractive we are, and how we are viewed and treated by others. If a person feels unattractive for whatever reason, they display corresponding traits.  They then often find their social and professional standing suffers as a result. Having cosmetic surgery to correct any area of perceived unattractiveness can give them the confidence they need to feel more attractive.  This often leads to a more positive experience both socially and professionally.


For some people, cosmetic surgery can lead to an improvement in health. A woman with back pain and discomfort caused by having extra-heavy breasts, for example, will find that a breast reduction procedure will relieve her of those symptoms.  While someone who has problems breathing often breathes more easily following a nose job.

The Disadvantages


Cosmetic surgery does carry risks.  It is, after all, surgery.

Botox, for example, can cause droopy eyelids, excessive swelling and an unnatural rubbery appearance.  It can also result in nausea and facial pain. For other, more complicated procedures, the risks include severe pain, which can take months to go away, severe bruising, and internal hemorrhaging.

Whichever procedure is being considered, it is important you take the time to find out and weigh up the risks involved, as well as the potential benefits.  Always be sure to talk openly and honestly with your plastic surgeon.

High Expectations

It is safe to say that the majority of people who undergo cosmetic surgery have positive expectations of how they will look afterwards – and how much their life will improve as a result.

The problem, however, is that such expectations can be unrealistic. In most cases, this is often a problem of the patient having too high an expectation of how they will look and feel following their procedure, rather than a lack of skill on the part of the plastic surgeon.

Nevertheless, if you believe that having cosmetic surgery will make your current problems instantly go away, you could be in for a huge disappointment. It is important that you talk about your expectations and hopes with your surgeon.


With Botox as the cheapest procedure, at around $375, cosmetic surgery is not cheap. Added to this, it is important to be aware that many procedures are not permanent.

Botox, for example, lasts less than six months.  After that, you will have to pay out to have it done again. The same is true of surgery to tighten your skin. The effects of time and aging will return and soon be visible again.  you will then need further surgery in order to maintain your new youthful look. All of this adds up to thousands and thousands of dollars over the years.

So What’s The Answer?

Well, for us, Dr Oz’s goal of finding alternatives to cosmetic surgery which are safe, easy and cheap really do sum up our decision not to go under the knife.

The fact is that plastic surgery is not cheap, not 100% safe, and rarely easy. More than that, however, it does not deal with the cause of aging – namely the loss of ceramides, which leads to wrinkles, lines and sagging skin.

For us, Phytoceramides are much better than Botox, peels, or any type of cosmetic surgery, because they deal with the cause of aging.  They are also 100% safe, have no side effects, and they and so very much cheaper.

Whichever route you decide to take, Good Luck from all at The Best Phytoceramides Reviews.

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