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Nature’s Ways To Get Rid of Wrinkles You Probably Don’t Know About


honey and oats to get rid of wrinkles


If you ever thought that wrinkles were just something you get and can’t do anything about – well, hopefully you realize now that is absolutely not true!

The fact is that once we understand why we get wrinkles, we can then take action to get rid of them. And you can totally do that without the need for risky and expensive surgical procedures.

In fact it is 100% possible to start getting rid of your wrinkles 100% naturally.  Just by using products that are available from any good store – maybe you’ve even got them in your store cupboard right now – you can begin a natural wrinkle-reduction program from home starting today.

What Are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles happen as we get older and our skin starts to lose its ceramides.  These are the fatty molecules which keep our skin firm and young looking.

In order to reverse that process, we need to replace those lost ceramides, and get our body to start repairing the skin cells so that we become wrinkle-free once more.

There are a number of ways to do that – some much more costly than others, some which rely on manufactured chemicals.

Here, though, are the 7 ways to eliminate your wrinkles using nothing but natural products.

Coconut Oil

Massage some pure coconut oil into your skin each day. Not only is it a great natural moisturizer, but it contains antioxidants which protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. It also contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help to repair your skin

Carrot and Beet Juice

Putting some carrot and beet juice on your skin is a powerful wrinkle-remover. This is because the Vitamin A in the carrot juice is wonderful for replenishing the skin, while beets are known to repair our DNA.

Using some carrot and beet juice topically on your face and neck is a powerful way to rebuild the damaged skin which often causes wrinkles.

You only need a tablespoon or two of each juice mixed together each time, so you can drink what you don’t use. Leave the juice on for about ten minutes before rinsing it off. You can then apply and reapply the juices as they dry, rubbing them in each time.

Top Tip:  Using carrot and beet juice topically with coconut oil also increases the benefits of both.  This is because coconut oil has absorptive properties which pull the juices deeper into the skin.

Milk and Honey

Remember the fairy tales where the princess bathed in milk and honey to keep herself looking beautiful? Well, she was on to something!

The lactic acid in milk cleanses the debris which lies deep inside your pores, which means that more natural collagen can then be created. Meanwhile, honey contains humectant compounds, which means it is capable of absorbing and retaining moisture in the skin (similar to the way ceramides work from the inside). This increases the elasticity of your skin and reduces wrinkles.

To make a milk and honey cleanser, mix together one Tbsp of honey with half a Tbsp of organic milk. Massage the cleanser into your skin gently but firmly, focusing especially on the wrinkled areas. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

Egg Whites

Egg whites make a great quick and temporary fix to reduce wrinkles. This is because they have astringent properties that temporarily cause the skin to become firmer.

Separate the whites of two organic eggs and whisk them until soft peaks form. Then apply the egg whites on your face, focusing on the wrinkled areas. Leave the mix on for 20 minutes and then rinse off with cool water.

Olive Oil

Although it might seem a little strange, you can reduce your wrinkles by washing your face and neck in pure olive oil.

This is because olive oil contains linoleic acid, which helps hydrate the skin and plump out the wrinkled areas, so that they look smoother.

Simply take a couple of teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil and massage it into your face for 30 seconds before rinsing with warm water.

Lemon Juice and Sugar

Mix one tsp. of raw organic sugar with two Tbsp. of real lemon juice. Then massage it into your skin, making sure you don’t get any in your eyes. Rinse off with cool water after 10 minutes.

This mixture works to reduce wrinkles due to the citric acid in the lemon, which gently scrubs away dead skin layers, while the Vitamin C in the lemon juice also helps with collagen production. Meanwhile, the glycolic acid in sugar repairs skin damage.


Bananas make an effective anti-wrinkle cream. Simply mash one or two ripe bananas in a bowl until they are a smooth, creamy paste. Then apply to your face and leave on for about 30 minutes before washing off with warm water. Then pat your skin dry.

Milk Powder

Mix four Tbsp. of milk powder together with two Tbsp. of honey and two Tbsp. of warm water. Apply it to your face, being careful not to get any in your eyes. Then cover your face with a small warm, damp towel. Leave it there for 10 minutes, then clean the mixture off.

Don’t Give Up!

don't give up on your dietThose then are the 7 best, natural and organic ways of eliminating your wrinkles.  They do take commitment and time, but the efforts are well worth it in the long run.  So if you choose these home-made remedies, don’t give up if you don’t see super-fast results.


If you do want to ditch those wrinkles ASAP, you might consider trying all-natural phytoceramides such as Schwartz Phytoceramides capsules. These products are designed to give your body the ceramides they need to repair your damaged skin cells from the inside, and put them back together so that you end up with youthful, smooth, wrinkle-free skin starting in only a matter of days.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your wrinkles be something that you feel defines you! Put an end to that feeling you get when you look in the mirror and wonder “What the hell happened? How did I get to looking so OLD?”

Empower yourself. Take action. Become wrinkle-free forever.

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