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What Are Phytoceramides?

When Dr Oz introduced Phytoceramides to the West in 2012, we here at The Best Phytoceramides Reviews site had no idea what they were.  So if you’re like us, and want to understand exactly what makes Phytoceramides the best anti aging product on the market, we hope you enjoy this article.


Miracle Phytoceramides are 100% natural

Phytoceramides are 100% Natural

Phytoceramides are the plant-based equivalent of ceramides.  These are molecules which are a natural component of human skin.  They keep your skin hydrated and youthful-looking.

Unfortunately, you begin to lose ceramides as you age.  As a result, your skin loses its elasticity and begins to look wrinkled, saggy, and old.  As we at The Best Phytoceramides Reviews know only too well!

For many women and men, the first visible signs of this loss of ceramides begins in their early thirties.  This is when you notice faint lines around your eyes and mouth.

Throughout your thirties and on, you lose increasing amounts of ceramides.  This is why you have more and more wrinkles, laughter lines, and saggy skin as you age.

It would seem natural, then, that if you could replace these ceramides, your skin would regain its youthful appearance. One way is through the application of creams, moisturizers, and gels.  There are many ceramide-based lotions on the market, which are clinically proven to help give your skin a more youthful-looking glow and appearance. However, these can be expensive and they require continual application in order to gain maximum benefits.


An exciting alternative is to take Phytoceramides. These supplements, mostly derived from wheat, have been used in Japan for centuries, and are known there as a powerful, 100% natural anti ager.

Phytoceramides can help you drop a decade from your face

Miracle Phytoceramides


Taking Phytoceramides puts the ceramides back into your skin, and restores the outer layer of your skin to its former glories.

Taking just one 350 mg pill a day, the Phytoceramides are absorbed into your bloodstream and carried to the inner layer of your skin. From here, they permeate to the outer skin layer where they restore the epidermis, moisturize the skin, and fill-out the wrinkles, lines, and sun-damaged areas.

In the simplest of terms, Phytoceramides stick the skin cells back together so they can retain moisture.  This brings back the smooth, youthful quality to our skin we all desire.

Phytoceramides are not an instant magic pill.  They take about four weeks to achieve their skin-smoothing results.  This is because it takes that amount of time for the Phytoceramides to repair your skin.  After those initial four weeks, it is vital you continue to take your daily Phytoceramide pill, in order to maintain your new, youthful look.

The Best Anti-Aging Product?

Although they have been used in Japan for years, it was only in 2012 that Phytoceramides became widely known – and talked about – in the West.  This was when Dr Oz included them on his US show, in a piece showing viewers how to ‘Drop A Decade From Your Face’.

Consulting with America’s top plastic surgeons, Dr Oz’s goal was to uncover secret alternatives to cosmetic surgery, botox, and chemical peels.  And these alternatives had to be safe, easy, and cheap!

What was exciting to Dr Oz – and to all of us at The Best Phytoceramides Reviews – is how Phytoceramides tick all of these boxes. . . and then some.  To our minds, they really are the best anti-aging product out there.

Phytoceramides Reviews


Phytoceramides Reviews

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